simacsmsplus, a facet of Simac C & S Services is an Information, Communication Technology driven firm that has its major focus on Small Medium Enterprises and or Startups. simacsmsplus is the grass-root bulksms.


Our Vision

 Is to provide the grass-root with the most transparent, efficient and cost effective bulk-sms service and other IT related solutions for SME’s to enable effective communication and enhance productivity.


Our Mission

 Our mission is to bring the education and understanding of the bulksms service to the grassroot and to make bulksms services readily available for the common Man to further help save cost. In addition, we provide soft IT solutions for startups.


What we offer


Our platform is developed so as to offer you opportunity to send SMS to multiple contacts. Below are the benefits you enjoy from SMS AFRICA


·        Fast delivery of messages within seconds

·        Sender ID branding

·        Uploading / downloading contacts easily through CSV and txt

·        Reliability and cost effectiveness




·        Message delivery to friends, customers, staffs and members

·        Vital in the delivery of goodwill messages

·        Vital in the follow up of new comers and converts(church)

·        Vital in the follow up of new Leads and Distributors (Network Marketing/MLM)

·        Provide periodical information to parents about their children in school

·        Invitation to special programs/product launch.


Best Value for Money

The cheapest and yet Most Efficient BULK Sms Gateway Around.

Delivery Report

Get instant feedback on the delivery status of your messages.

Send to one or a contact list

Create a contact list once and set a recurring message.