Reliable Bulk SMS Provider in Nigeria

Get your message across

 Deliver instant sms messages to wide variety of users in over 200 countries worldwide. Our SMS system is uniquely meant to cover every needs from personal, educational, industrial, event to every needs where bulk sms sending is required.

Easy to use

 With user friendly and simple design both on mobile and computer devices. We made it seemless and conventional for you to utilize every tool in our sms toolkit.

Multi-thread SMS Push

 No message is rejected, bounced , delayed or deleted during the sms push operation. Ensuring fast and seemless SMS delivery with 0 priority assigned to each indiviudal sms, threaded push solution is used.

Instant top-up

Quicly credit your sms balance on the go with our online payment gateway. Or follow the guidelines on how to pay using bank deposit.

 Payment gateway

Note : For Bank Deposit, we only allow minimum payment of N1000 for 500 sms units.

Customer Support

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You have any difficulties or question regarding our services, we 're always here to help you all time


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telephone lines:+2347051026230, +2348091996286

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We can also help you grow your business and expand your marketing network by offering you this great opportunity.

Tap into our sms receiver network and target over 20,000,000 local users with valid GSM number in the 36 states of  Nigeria.

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Paypal exchange service


We stand firm and trusted when it comes to converting your paypal money to visible cash.

We sell and buy Paypal fund at an impressive price.

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